Wednesday, 22 January 2014

9. BBFC Presentation

My own Rating Analysis - Frozen

I have rated the film Frozen a U, and assessed issues like violence and threat. This trailer is suitable for both children and families with very minimal violence and threat. Despite these two issues, they are displayed in such a way that they are extremely moderate and do not need cutting. The moose and the Snowman seem about to fight each other, and the audience might worry that the moose will eat the carrot nose. However, the way the two characters compete to get the carrot is silly and funny. At the end it turns out funny when the moose returns the snowman's nose safely to him. At the end of the trailer the snowman is seen to sneeze his head off, but instead of it being scary it is funny, and I have already seen the snowman rearrange his entire body without it being painful. Although the film shows some form of violence and threat, I decided to give it a U because the children can easily understand the comedy within the film.

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