Monday, 12 January 2015

18. Interview Analysis

1. Tell me about yourself?
Answer: I am keen to become part of the Paramount editing team, I have been in the film industry for 8 years and I can see myself being here for much longer. I am incredibly independent and am a thorough learner, making me more capable to evolve and change with the industry.

2. What are your Strengths?
Answer: I can edit any video to a perfect standard, using my independent knowledge, rather than relying on others to complete work. Therefor making me much more efficient in the work place. I have extensive experience with VFX, knowing how to use certain aspects of it to increase the viewing quality of a piece film, such as compositing.

3. Why do you feel you should get the job?
Answer: I feel I should get the job because I have extensive experience with this line of work, with many years in the field, i am immensely capable of this. I will offer the work force a new way of editing, making it the best and easy as possible. 

4. What do you work better as: Solo worker or group worker?
Answer: I work better as a group worker, I like to have the capability to reference with other members of the group, so  we can get the best possible outcome of the process. 

5. Why do you want to work here?
Answer: I have always wanted to work for your company, it has been a life long aspiration to work for Paramount Pictures. Post production editing is my passion and to work for you while doing that would fulfil my dream. I feel that your level of professionalism is incredible and it inspires me to become much more of an editor and better person.

6. What are your weaknesses?
Answer: Im not as strong in editing sound rather than video, but i am incredibly keen to learn. I find mixing together audio difficult, I don't have as much of a natural talent within sound editing. Although it is not my strongest I can still perform the editing of sound, I would perhaps need a bit of assistance.

7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
Answer: In 5 years time I will hopefully be within your workforce, helping make any sorts of films. I would like to have a sturdy lifestyle, having a house and car to commute daily. I would like to have several credits under my belt within this line of work and I want to be looking onto furthering my talents.

8. What can you do better than other applicants?
Answer: I have the skills required to complete all jobs perfectly, and I offer a enjoyable and funny presence. 

9. What achievements have you made and which is the biggest one?
Answer: I worked on editing the Hunger Games films as assistant editor alongside some of the most well known editors and director. 

10. What qualifies you for this job?
Answer: I have two degrees, one in computer animation and the other in post production editing, both at the University of Bournemouth. I also studied media at lower level education such as GCSE and A Levels. 

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