Wednesday, 13 November 2013

13. Interview and Analysis Ben Davis


1) What is your favorite genre of television show and why?

2) What do you think about the current E4 indents?

3) Do you think Eefer is a good way to express the channel?

4) Do you like the colour scheme E4 use in their idents, why or why not?

5) Is there anything E4 can do to improve their current ident?


1) "I prefer the comedy genre, this is because I find it entertains me the most of all the genre's, also E4 have a very wide range of comedy shows so there is always something on that is funny and easy to watch"

2) "It's good in terms of entertainment and filling in a quick 15 seconds, but it doesn't show enough information, like what is coming up next and later on. I like the fact that it is very random and funny at the same time"

3) "Eefer is good because he is a very different way to advertise the channel, he is very unique and entertaining, which sums up the entire channel itself."

4) "I think the colour scheme fits the channel well, purple is generally a multi gender colour so it appeals to both male and female which broadens the horizon of their fan base"

5) "The current E4 ident is very good in entertaining the viewers but it needs more informing aspects, like showing the different programmes they broadcast, or just changing the type of ident so it isn't the same every time."


1) Analyzing this I can see that the genre like is comedy, this research can be applied to the ident by making it funny, this will attract more viewers and keep them watching and talking about E4 as a channel.

2) To address this answer I could incorporate some sort of voice over in the ident to explain what programmes are coming up in the next few hours.  Or I could have a text coming up on one of the sides saying what is coming up.

3) With this answer it is evident that people like the E4 mascot Eefer so including him in the idents will ensure that the fan base of him stays, and even increases this will make people talk about the channel spreading the word of the programmes, therefore making people watch E4.

4) The colour scheme of E4 is purple. This has been said to be a great colour because of its multi gender appeal. This means that I will keep the main colour as purple, but to increase the popularity I could add some other colours that will enhance the look of the ident.

5) Once again the viewers think that more informing content is needed in the ident, which seems to be an issue the E4 idents seem to have. To implement more I need to again have either a voice over or text overlaying the ident.

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