Wednesday, 23 October 2013

12. Questionnaires + Analysis

This shows that out of the 10 people that completed the survey, 80% of them female, and the others male. This shows that there are lots of programmes that appeal to females and not so many that appeal to the male audience.

This shows that the majority of viewers are in the age range of 18 to 24, this is our primary target audience. The second most is the age group of 45 to 54, closely followed by 25 to 34 and then last 35 to 44. This shows that the majority of viewers are middle aged.

The most of the people watch television moderately often, and very often. There is nobody who doesn't watch it so that shows that everyone watches television.

This shows that most people dont care what there is in an ident, as long as it is entertaining. However, some people want to know upcoming shows, which could be shown via idents.

The current E4 ident as a whole is liked by the majority of the viewers. However, we want everyone to like the ident. To achieve this we could make it more informative by including what programmes are coming up next.

Students mostly watch E4, this shows how our company is suitable for those who like comedic shows and entertainment for ages 16 - 34.

Five of the viewers asked to complete the survey was White British, three were Black British, one was Black Caribbean and 1 was Asian.

With this pie chart I can see that not many people watch E4 at 3pm to 5pm, this means that is a safer time to show the less popular programmes. Most people watch the channel at 9pm to 11pm, this is the best time to put the most popular shows on.

I will use all of this research to help me create my ident, by looking at the results as a collective I can see that the ident should have an overall theme of comedy and appeal to both genders, mainly female. Also, judging by the age range that watch E4 the most, i will make my ident have quite immature comedy, seeing as the age group that watch it the most are 18-24, so they are not quite fully matured yet.