Friday, 18 October 2013

Single or Multi-Camera Technique analysis

Ok Go - This Too Shall Pass
In this music video Ok Go used single camera techniques for the whole video. Also, they only needed to have one take to get the whole video, which means that there was next to no editing work to be done on the video, only to add the music over the top. The video is very complex as lots of things are happening in rapid succession, all leading onto a further reaction.

Wu-Tang Clan - Gravel Pit
This music video uses multi-camera techniques to get full effect of the surroundings. There would be a lot of editing involved, this is because it is set in 2,000,000BC so they added things like dinosaurs and other prehistoric aspects. The video is six minutes long, so thats another reason there would be lots of editing. The multi camera techniques benefit this music video because it makes it more dynamic and entertaining.

Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine

This music video displays the use of single camera techniques. Only one camera is used thorough the whole video, being passed around the band in the car. This means they only used one take for the entire video, however they had a black and white filter on it, therefore there had to be some editing on the video. The use of single camera techniques is effective here as it shows a dynamic view of the car and is entertaining.

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  1. Merit - Good examples given and you clearly state the difference between single and multi- camera shoots.

    For Distinction - Give examples of single camera and multi-camera formats that aren't music videos using the same kind of description you use here.