Friday, 18 October 2013

8. Typography Work

Font: Bubbletea
Why Chosen: I chose this for kids because it gives an image of childlike writing. Also it looks like bubbles, which link to children.

Font: Olde English
Why Chosen: This fits the history word because it looks medieval in the way the words have flicks, so it is Serif.

Font: Gang Wolfik
Why Chosen: I chose this font for modern because it looks like it would appear in some sort of futuristic computer.

Font: Wedding Nightmares
Why Chosen: Because it is Serif so there are lots of flicks at the end of each letter, which is signature sophistication.

Font: Sketchy
Why Chosen: I chose this because it looks rough and 'sketchy' which is art. It is a serif font and relates to using paint to write, so like an artist would.
Font: Fabrics
Why Chosen: This links to the word fashion because it has what appears to be stitches around the edges of the writing.

Font: Alpha Sports
Why Chosen: Because each letter is a different type of sport.

Font: Alpha Silhouettes
Why Chosen: This is a good comedy font because the images in it are HILARIOUS.

Font: Broadway Lights
Why Chosen: Because drama and acting is linked to broadway. Also the serif design of it makes it look a lot more dramatic.

Font: Most Wasted
Why Chosen: It looks really street and cool, like teenagers, which is very stereotypical but in some cases true.

By Ben Davis

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