Friday, 13 February 2015

31. Self Assessment of PowerPoint and Client Feedback

Self-Assessment of PowerPoint and Client Feedback

When looking at the notes from client and focus group notes it appeared that there was a recurring theme of making sure the camera is stable and not ‘wobbly’, to address this we applied a stabiliser function in the Final Cut editing software. It was also made apparent by the focus group and client feedback that we needed to implement some sort of soundtrack or voice over. This is because the Ident without a backing track feels fairly empty and boring. As a result of this we found a track on YouTube called, “Beating off in A Minor – (The key not the felony)”  We felt that this provided a contrasting theme towards the actual footage being displayed, and therefore responding to both Client Feedback and Focus Group Notes. They also wanted us to make more of a link to E4's Corporate Identity Theory, and E4's branding. So to address this situation we made sure the Logo was incorporated clearly and efficiently, so there would be no confusion with branding. The client and the focus group feedback indicated that the subject matter matched the corporate theory, offering a comical and yet meaningful ident.

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