Monday, 9 February 2015

8. Story Ideas

1. The Making of 'The Hold Up' Short Film

I would be using the documentary genre Reflexive to portray this idea. The film maker would feature heavily in the documentary and he would be narrating what is happening as the film goes on. The storyline for this documentary is where we film the process of creating a short film, currently being filmed. We will be interviewing the Director, Writer, Actors and the Cameramen, asking them what kind of procedures they have taken when creating this short film. Also We will be asking what problems they have faced and how they got around them.

2. Eco Friendly Company

This would be in the Participatory documentary genre, where the film maker interacts with the surroundings and people that are involved, as if being educated by them. The idea itself is about the struggles that the world is facing with huge issues like Global Warming. We will be going to a company that is specific to being eco friendly, and because of the fact that it is a Participatory documentary we will be getting involved with the procedures they go through to do their part within the world.

3. A day in the life of a teacher

This would be an Observational documentary, where we as the film makers follow a teacher around to see their daily process. There will be very little amounts of interviews and it will really focus on real life scenarios, instead of set-ups that will take away from the realism. There will be shots of them teaching, marking work and seeing what they do in their free time (lunch and break). We will make them explain the processes of their work to the camera, but the majority of the time they will forget the camera is even there, offering a very realistic experience.

4. Swapping two students in different academies. Rugby and Dance

This is our favourite idea. We would film it Expository style, commentating on the footage being shown on screen. We will be using both archive footage and our own that we will be capturing for the sole purpose of the documentary. The storyline for the idea consists of swapping two students, one from the Rugby Academy, and the other from the Performing Arts Academy. For one lesson they will be doing the opposite of what they would normally be doing. Things we will film are things like interviews asking questions such as "What do you think you will be doing in the session?". We will also be filming the sessions themselves, showing both strengths and weaknesses of each of the students. The footage will all be real and none set up for the benefit of the documentary, this is to ensure that the documentary feels realistic.

5. Differences between Costa in school and Out of school

We will be making this a Reflexive documentary, having the film maker narrating the story whilst being on camera. This idea will contain what differences there are between school Costa Coffees ones that are outside. We will be doing things like interviewing employees from both stores, seeing how different it is, weather its harder or easier.

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