Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Filming Permission

Apple Lane, Westerham
Br8 9WE

Ravens Wood School
Oakley Road

To whom this may concern,

I am writing to you on behalf of the Laurence&Ben Production team to request your permission to shoot footage on your grounds.

We are in the pre production process of the music video project, assigned to us by the band Muse. We have taken much consideration in location, and we would be extremely grateful if you would allow us to film in your school grounds. We have looked at several different locations and under a unanimous decision, found that your school fits our desires the most. I am writing to you in the hopes that you will see the potential success in this possible partnership, such as free advertisement and countrywide publicity. We require 2 weeks filming time and understand that this may be best done in one of the school holidays, as to not disrupt the education for the students at your school.
Below I have produced the dates that we wish to commence filming;

29th March - 14th April

You may notice that this is within the easter half term and we hope that you will be able to accept our request.

Yours Sincerely, Ben Davis

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