Thursday, 23 April 2015

Production Log

Day 1 - Setting Up - We began this day at 9:00am and proceeded to set up the location to our desires, taking advantage of the equipment we had. We planned a production schedule so the next three days would run much smoother than if we hadn't taken the planning seriously. We did our final checks of weather and sunrise/sunset times and left for the day at 16:00pm, earlier than anticipated.

Day 2 - Filming - This is the first day of filming and so naturally we began with the first section of the music video. This was being filmed at Laurence Hisee's house in his bedroom. The actors were given directions and did a very good job at following them, and ensured that we spent minimal time in this location. At 13:00pm we moved on to our next location and began filming the early part of the music video, this being the meeting of Laurence and Ben and then the confrontation with their mortal enemies. We managed to film a total of 45 seconds footage, which is more than what we had planned for. At 18:00pm we left for the day.

Day 3 - Filming - On the second day of filming we arrived at 9:00am, to ensure a full day of filming on location. We began with the sequence where Ben and Laurence realise that the costa virus is spreading and they run across the school to get geared up. This consisted of numerous long shots and wide shots and was fairly easy to get all the footage we needed. The next part of the filming consisted of finding an appropriate place for the first meeting of the Zombie and Ben and Laurence. After a while of searching we found a good location and began filming there. Despite the good location we found that the lighting was not sufficient enough and therefor we had to find a better place. This set us back an hour which was made up by our success the previous day. At 19:00pm we left the school, an hour later than anticipated.

Day 4 - Filming - The final day of filming was one of our most successful, managing to film the fight scene, Laurence's death and then the final scene of Ben's death. We had no production issues and managed to finish shooting the entire thing by 12:00pm. For the rest of the day we cleared up all of the production equipment, props and costumes and got ready to begin editing the video together. We left the location at 15:00pm, an early end of the day before the long post production process.

Day 5 - Editing - On the first day of editing we began by importing and labelling all of the footage onto Final Cut Pro. Ben was in charge of editing, with Laurence as his supervisor. After the footage had finished importing they began sifting through it, finding out which clips they were going to use, marking them with a scene number and then a Y or an N, Y being yes, and N being no. (E.G: S1 Y) This helped them locate the scenes that were being used. They decided to edit in chronological order, beginning with the expositional shot of Ben and Laurence watching telly. They got a rough first edit of the first minute of the music video.

Day 6 - Editing - Today we began at 10am and focused on cleaning up as much of the edit as we could. With the rough edit we knew that everything was already in order and cut to the right places, all we needed to do was add audio and effects that were required. The beginning of the music video was our primary task for the day, and we felt that a more slow, and romantic setting would fit the footage of Ben and Laurence watching television together. So for this we decided to add some slow motion to the shots and use the cross dissolve transition. We were able to complete this part of the video in under an hour to its best potential and then we needed to continue to the actual music video. Throughout the day we edited footage, consulted with the director and made any changes that needed to be made, by 5pm we had the majority of the video edited, with only three more scenes to do, and we decided to stay for another hour to complete the final editing process. We started the exporting/rendering process and left it overnight.

Day 7 - Finalising - This was the last day of production and therefor it was mainly paperwork based, after giving the final version of the music video a watch to make sure it was 100% ok we moved onto the final signing off of the task. After this we closed the set and finished everything we needed to do.

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