Monday, 29 June 2015

Animation Crew Roles

Crew Roles

Director: Laurence Hisee

Definition: The person in charge of the entire production. This person has to ensure that everyone is in the right place at the right time.

Laurence will be good within this role because he is a very organised and uniform person, he always has things done at the right times and in the most efficient ways, so he would be the ideal person to be the main director for this production.

Producer: Ben Davis

Definition: the producer is second in charge during the filming as he as the producer has to make sure that everything is happening at the right time. Just like the director, he follows what he does but has less control over what everything that happens. his (the producer) main priorities is to make sure that the filming is happening correctly and everything is in place.     

As a producer Ben would need to be in charge of making sure things happen, so he will be good for this role due to his organisation skills and his goof time efficiency.

Director of Photography: Laurence Hisee

Definition: as the director of photography every shot is taken as a picture has to be taken while the camera is still, making sure that the same lighting is being used in every image so that with the final edit looks good and has consistent lighting. 

This would be suited for Laurence the most because he has got a great eye for cinematography so he will be the best for this role.

Editor: Ben Davis

Definition: as an editor you are in charge of the editing when editing the main thing you need to do is to cut and crop together bits of film to make a final piece that looks good and professional. 

Ben is the best option for this role because he has a keen eye for transitions and can easily complete any task he is given when editing.

Camera Operator: Laurence Hisee

The camera operator the camera operators are in charge of the grips of the cameras they make sure the camera does not shake when filming.   

Laurence will be the better person for this role because of his camera stability and control, he has demonstrated many aspects of great camerawork and takes instruction well.

Assistant Director: Ben Davis

The assistant directors job is to complete any smaller jobs the director might want to do this is to make there job a bit more easy. 

Ben Davis is best for this role because he is very supportive, he can support the director and put across his ideas.

Art Director

It is the art directors job to create any things that need to be made for the video for example: props. 

Casting Director

The casting director is in charge of recruitment for the production they would look for potential people who will work on the project they have to determine if they are right for the job the casting director is vital for the making of the project.       

Location Scout

The location scout looks at potential sites for filming they have to determine if the site is good to film on and if it matches the theme of the production and if it also matches the description of the directors wishes.     

Production Manager (P.M.)

The production managers job is to manage all the production aspects of the project. 
this means that they are in charge of logistics and budget there job is very important as if they did a bad job it might bankrupt the project.   


The screenwriters job is to write the script for the project this means they are creating the story for the project. 
the screenwriters job is very important as they are creating the raw story for the project this means they have a say in the success of the project as people will judge the quality of the story and idea.

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