Thursday, 25 June 2015

Interview Question Draft

All of the questions will be asked to both students, but changed depending on their academy.

1.1 So do you like the idea of swapping students so you're in the RAPA/RUGBY academy for the day? - We will ask this question because it gets a general feeling from both of the students, it will tell the audience how they actually feel about doing the swap.

1.2 How do you think you will do? - We will ask this question to get a bit more information on the subject again, and to see how confident the two students are about the swap.

1.3 So what do you think you're going to be doing? - This will be asked to find out exactly what they think they will be doing, as they don't actually know what they will be taking part in until they are there, so it gives a bit of suspense/anticipation.

1.4 Do you think it will be easy? - We will ask this to see how confident the two are, this could actually create a comedic feel so that would help boost the entertainment we will get out of the interview.

After these are asked the documentary will continue and then another interview will take place, these questions will be:

2.1 So from the academy session what skills do you think you have learnt? - This question will be asked to find out how they feel they have done in general, and also to show that the activity has actually taught them something. It will make it have a much more personal approach.

2.2 Did you find it harder than an average session that you normally would have done? - Again we want to ask a question like this to further the information given, to give the audience a good idea of the two students and how they got on.

2.3 Would you ever do it again? - We want to ask this because we feel it will open up the comedy that could be had, we imagine that they both will not want to do the activities again.

So we asked them the questions and here were there responses:

1.1 - 
Harry - Don't know, its interesting because its going to take me out of my comfort zone so i think I'm a bit sceptical.
Sami - Well it sounds like its going to be an experience to remember isn't it? Like i don't know what I'm going to be doing.

1.2 - 
Harry - Well its going to be difficult, because with my friends i get to have my banter, and i don't really know what to expect.
Sami - Well obviously I'm a beast so I'm gonna go in there and tear it all up.

1.3 -
Harry - Well a little birdie told me ill be doing street dance, I'm not really that confident, i can't dance.
Sami  - Well I asked about to see what I was doing and apparently were doing something called circuit training.

1.4 -
Harry - No, I can't dance.
Sami - Who Knows...

After the event...

2.1 -
Harry - I learnt that I'm a quality dancer.
Sami - Teamwork. Participating with the other lads I though id be isolated, but they brought me into the group, they helped me out a lot.

Harry - I found aspects of dance harder, like the flexibility, I'm not very flexible its not my strong point, my strong point is lifting weights and hurting people.
Sami - Yeah not gonna lie, it was intense, obviously there were harder parts of it that were hard like the laying down bit, i was in pain for at least three days after it.

2.3 - 
Harry - Hmmm, no probably not, its not really my thing but i did enjoy it,
Sami - Ahaha no, it was too hard, I give the other guys respect but nah thats not good for me, not got the fitness i don't think.

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