Thursday, 11 June 2015

Location Recce

These three locations were used for our expositional shots at the beginning of the documentary. We felt that they really set the scene, with the Ravens Wood school reception being the very first shot of the documentary it shows the audience exactly where it is set, and then it is followed up by pan shots of the drama studio and sports field, further informing the audience as to what is going on. We felt that these all reflected the theme of the documentary well and worked brilliantly.

We feel that using the gym for the interview with the sports player before he swaps is a good location because he will come across much more naturally, whereas after he swaps we will interview him in the drama changing rooms, which is a much more alien environment, therefore making him less natural. This process will be the same for the drama student, only with the changing room being used first then after interviewing him in the gym.

These two locations make up the bulk of the documentary, the sports hall and the dance studio are where we are having the sessions take place. In the sports hall Sami will do circuit training, and in the Dance studio Harry will have a dance workshop. We feel that these two locations are ideal for the documentary and activities due to the fact that they are both used regularly for similar activities, therefore there will be no extra work needed to set up the rooms efficiently and it cuts out any further risks that may have taken place.

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