Monday, 29 June 2015

Team Meeting Minutes

Team Meeting Minutes 

In our team meeting we discussed who would do which roles and how our Animation would be made. We started talking about who would be in charge of what roles and it was decided that Laurence would be put in charge of the design and drawing because we felt that by doing that we would be more of a productive team.

Laurence was instructed to start with the story boards and working out what we thought would work best. We decided that the best way to do our animation would be cardboard cut out animation because you can get the ideas across much more efficiently. We then discussed the best way to film the animation and how we would use the camera's to collect the images. We decided that we would use a clamp to hold the camera above the cut outs, this would help show the whole area of them. With the paper work I was doing, I made sure that I had used the templates provided so that I could develop the paper work so it relates with the Animation and helps us to get the best possible grade.

We had some trouble with keeping the positioning of the camera in the same place, and when we began editing we found that at one particular point the entire frame of the shot jumped, looking both ugly and unprofessional. As you can see the picture on the top shows the shot where everything is in frame correctly, and in the bottom photo you can see that the card has jumped, this was actually done by one of us accidentally knocking the paper and as it wasn't fixed in place it moved, instantly messing up our shot. To overcome this issue we decided to carry on shooting, and then in the post production editing process we would somehow try to fade it out so the jump is not as noticeable, when we put all of the photos together and played it we could see the jump quite significantly, so we tried to crossfade the two clips together, as to blur them together, so that it won't look as drastic. This didn't actually take any effect on the appearance of the animation so we decided to leave it as it was and just deal with the outcome, which is not as good as what we have hoped.

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