Friday, 26 June 2015

Interview Presentation/Pitch Evaluation

After showing my pitch to the clients I received some constructive criticism explaining how our interviews could be better and done to achieve greater effect. We got feedback in three different categories, following what I put on the pitch, these are Interviewees, Purpose and Content. There is a list of feedback I was given below and how I will adjust my interviews as a result of this.

- "These two are a good choice of subjects, with opposite behaviours it really shows a contrast and opens up another level of entertainment. Perhaps think about making sure that the two don't know exactly what they are going to be doing and what they are going to be asked before the interview starts, so there is a much more natural reaction." - Due to this feed back I will make sure that I will not tell them what they will be asked prior to filming, I will throw them the questions and film their initial answers and see their exact reactions.
-"Do you think that Harry (Rugby Student) might be too awkward? It might be a case where it is quite unbearable to watch and in some cases people may not even be able to hear him speak. Perhaps ensure that you are in a good enough location where it won't affect his speech if he is quiet?" - This was a very good piece of feedback and I will ensure that the location we film in will not affect his voice in a negative way, so his vocals will be easily recognised.

- "The purpose of your interview is good, and is fairly standard, as a documentary there should always be a focus on the informative side, making sure that enough information is getting through to the audience, so perhaps focus on making sure the correct level of information is given, but not too much" - With this feedback I will ensure that I don't go over the top when asking the questions in the interviews, I don't want to overload it and make the documentary boring.

- "A nice range of questions, good in terms of covering a relatively wide range of information, maybe think about asking about what they normally do, and comparing it to what they're going to be doing?" - This is a good idea and I will definitely think about incorporating a backing question to get some previous information but i don't want to over do it on that front.

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