Monday, 29 June 2015

Consideration of Camera

In animation there are often a lot of different shots to show movement. To shoot our animation we placed the camera on a stand and tilted the camera so that it was at a birds eye view camera angle of the card that we were about to film, we had to consider a lot of possible problems that may have occurred. By placing the camera above what we were about to film gave us the opportunity to have the paper cut outs on a flat surface and make it easier to move them so that you don't have to stick them to the wall and risk them falling off. With them being on a flat surface there is less risk of the cut outs moving drastically and thus, creating a jumping effect. When putting the camera at this angle we had to consider the effect that the camera might give off.

The camera could be shadowed on to the page, this was something that we had to overcome and by doing this we got lights that would surround the camera and turned off the over the head lights. Instead we used three point lighting that would provide a 360 degree view of the lighting, therefore there were absolutely no shadows on the card, so it will look much more professional. Another issue we would have had to consider would be the solidarity of the stand we had put the camera in, we needed to make sure that it was firmly in place and there was no risk of it falling over and either braking the camera or ruining the animation. We also had to take into consideration the way the pictures would be taken and how we would move the animation as we didn't want to ruin the shots by having a hand in it or not moving the images properly.

In terms of the camera shots we knew that we didnt actually want any other form of shot other than long/wide, however we knew that if we needed a close up then all we would have had to have done is zoom in using the lense. This would have been difficult to do without knocking the stand over or moving it slightly so we decided to refrain from doing it at all costs. To be extra cautious of the camera staying in the same spot we thought it was neccessary to have someone holding the stand constantly, being sure not to get into shot. This would make the camera much more steady and reduce any un-needed shaking. 

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