Thursday, 18 June 2015

News vs Documentary

News journalism and Documentaries are relatively similar in their purpose, to inform the audience of current and past affairs, however, they portray this in very different ways. Generally News reports seem to be in a much more urgent and important fashion, whereas documentaries are often much slower in their presentation, taking a more relaxed view on what could be a pressing matter.

Key conventions that both of the mediums share are things like, Interviews, Real life footage and archive footage. All of these are used in a way that actually helps present information, and to present it efficiently. Things that differ within news reports and documentaries are generally the formality of which they present their information. News reports are generally much more formal in the way they speak, being clear in what they say and using language that is perceived to be formal. Also they always are seen wearing smart wear such as suits, like business attire. This is different to Documentaries because they generally are much more informal, trying to reach to a different range of audience and portray the information in a much more entertaining way. They will be more relaxed in their speech, and not focusing on using a script that is begin fed information to, they also tend to wear much more casual clothing, reflecting the calm nature of documentaries.

You can also argue that to an extent News reports are actually set up, rather than being true to life. Although the news the report on isn't set up, the manner of which they present it is, which is very different to documentaries in the way that it is a much more real to life theme, with the film makers often getting involved with the subject they are trying to give information on. News reporters are always looking at a script that is constantly given new information to report on, which actually means that there is a near 24 hour flow of news, which is not matched by documentaries which are no way near as frequent as news reports. Documentaries are brought out once a week at the most so the news flow is no way near as efficient as the news itself.

Another difference that documentaries and news have is the way in which some specific documentaries are portrayed in a sort of narrative theme (Touching the Void) which is completely different to news reports which are portrayed in a complete factual broadcasting way.

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