Tuesday, 10 June 2014

15. Developed Ideas

1st Developed Idea

Original: A shot of two people sitting on a bench looking at the sky pointing out the clouds. Part of the bench being cut out of the shot so it isn't visible for the audience. There will be a close up of the two peoples faces, and then a pan shot to the other side of the bench where the E4 logo will be sitting. Finally, a shot of all three of the characters watching the weather.

Developments: First we have decided to add a music over the video, a very calm and relaxed style, this will reflect the peaceful nature of the shot that we are creating. Also we wanted to change the peoples reaction to the logo. Instead of coming across like they knew he was there it is going to be more of a surprise, they will act shocked when they see him. But soon after they will shrug it off and resume admiring the sky, as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred.

2nd Developed Idea

Original:  Begin with two people walking from a side of the shot, and noticing the E4 logo on a wall. For a moment they examine the wall, and decide to just shrug it off. They turn and notice it is on a different wall, at this point they are very confused, so they make their way towards the wall to examine it further. After looking they turn to the 1st wall, and notice that the logo is gone. They then turn to the second wall and they realise that the logo is once again gone. They look at each other and the logo is imprinted onto one of their face, the other screams.

Developments: We have decided to play quite an eerie track over the top of the ident, this will add to the tension of the ident and when the anticlimax of the "monster" being a mere E4 logo appears, it will make it funnier. Also we decided to add a strange aspect to the movement, where the two people walk from the first to the second wall they run in a very strange way, and then it will cut back to them walking normally. We will add a few of the random outbursts around and about to add to the comical side of the ident.

3rd Developed Idea

Original: Have a central location of which numerous different coloured animals (which suit the E4 style) appear in fours and congregate in the middle. The animals will form together to create the logo.

Developments: We have developed this idea by adding sound effects of random animals, which will match the actions on screen. Also we have decided to make them merge together, as if melting on top of each other, then making the logo on the screen.

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