Friday, 13 June 2014

Location Recce

Laurence's Bedroom - We chose to film here because it had a bed that we needed in the background of the beginning shot of Laurence's eyes opening. This shot was an extreme close up but it was also used to film the shot of Laurence's tie being straightened. we chose to film here because it was easily accessible and it represented a typical teenage bedroom

Ben's Bedroom - We chose to film here because we needed a different bed for the second shot in the video which was ben's eyes opening in a different location. This room was again used for the shot of Ben straitening his tie. We chose to film here because again, it resembles a typical teenage bedroom and also it differed from Laurence's room which showed the two characters actions in different locations.

Laurence's Bathroom - Laurence's bathroom was used for the armpit and teeth shot which Laurence is in. We chose to film in there as it was a typical bathroom that was needed in the shot.

Ben's Bathroom - This location was easily accessible and needed for the shots where Ben brushes his teeth and washes his armpit. Once again, the room needed to be different from Laurence's so we ended up using Bens.

School Gates - This location was for the shot where our characters meet for the first time after the prelude. We needed something for Laurence's character to rest against as he waited for Ben to join him. This was easily accessible as this location was directly outside our school.

School pathway - This was used in five shots, one being the Bully's first appearance and the second being the stand off. The other three were the extreme close ups of each characters face. This location set the school setting which is why it was chosen for this scene.

Media Classroom - We chose this location as we needed a classroom with a white board that could display full screen videos. We needed this to display the BBC logo.

Media corridor and staircase: This was used as it was the exit out of our media classroom. We needed this location for only one shot.

Toilet block - We filmed outside the toilet block for our changing clothes scene. we required a shot with a toilet symbol in shot so we decided to shoot at this location.

Media classroom - This was used for Brodies transition into a zombie. For this location we needed a classroom with a computer and a teacher that didn't mind us dropping liquid on the floor. We used the same Media Classroom that we used earlier but around the corner section so it didn't look the same as it did in the earlier shots.

Behind Sports Hall - This location was used for two shots. one being an extreme close up of Ben's head  peering out from behind the wall and the second being a long shot of Ben and Laurence rolling around on the floor on patrol.

Infront Of The Sports Hall - This location was used for 4 shots. Two of the shots we're Long shots of Brodie, ben and Laurence. The other 2 we're extreme close ups of each characters faces. We chose this location as the grass looks slightly overgrown and it had blue containers that made the backdrop look slightly remote.

Main Hall Pathway - We used this location as it was an easy entrance and helped link two parts of the story together. This looks good because it shows a dynamic shot of the three characters running down the path, which looks good and looks as though it is a real situation.

Main Hall - We used this room because it was empty, this reflected the fact that we were alone with the zombie, and gave a sort of deserted feel to the video.

Field - The field was used for a final stand off scene. This was because it was a huge open space, so we had lots of room to run from one side to the other, which was necessary for the way we decided to film.

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