Monday, 9 June 2014

14. Ideas for Idents Mindmap x5

1st Idea

-Begins with the shot of two lego people sitting on a sofa and talking about what is on the television, they're complaining about nothing interesting being on.
- Colour always has to be purple so that will have an effect on the background for the majority of the ident.
- The story-line would be a purple bird being let out of its cage and flying off, later to excrete, the feces through a window, landing on the television. The feces will form the logo.
- There will be a backing track of a calm song, up until the excretion, then it will have a sharp cut to somebody explaining the upcoming shows.

2nd Idea

- There is a fire in an apartment block. And a woman calls the Fire Brigade and says that there is her son still in the building.
- The firemen turn up and begin putting the fire out, but the child is still in the apartment.
- One of the firemen goes in the building, starts looking around frantically and finds a bundle of cloth, which has the child in.
- He comes running out with the cloth in his arms, scars on his face and arms.
- He reveals the baby which is the E4 Logo.

3rd Idea

- Have a central location of which numerous different coloured animals (which suit the E4 style) appear in fours and congregate in the middle.
- The animals will form the logo after enough of them enter the shot.

4th Idea

- Begin with two people walking from a side of the shot, and noticing the E4 logo on a wall.
- For a moment they examine the wall, and decide to just shrug it off.
- They turn and notice it is on a different wall, at this point they are very confused, so they make their way towards the wall to examine it further.
- After looking they turn to the 1st wall, and notice that the logo is gone.
- They then turn to the second wall and they realise that the logo is once again gone.
- They look at each other and the logo is imprinted onto one of their face, the other screams.

5th Idea

- A shot of two people sitting on a bench looking at the sky pointing out the clouds. Part of the bench being cut out of the shot so it isn't visible for the audience.
- A close up of the two peoples faces, and then a pan shot to the other side of the bench where the E4 logo will be sitting.
- A final shot of all three of the characters watching the clouds.

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