Tuesday, 10 June 2014

17. Justification of Chosen Idea

We decided to use the idea because we feel it fits E4's corporate identity perfectly. It matches almost every aspect of it, these being things like colour scheme, which is involved in our logo. The logo is the colour purple and black, in particular they are Pantone 2602c and Pantone Black 6 which are the exact colours specified in their style guide. In terms of theme our ident matches the child like comedy that the corporate identity specifies. Instead of intellectual humour we have just decided to become more melodramatic with our facial expressions, making our faces 'stupid' which would appeal to the target audience. Also we have made our ident incredibly random, which again has been definitively outlined by the corporate identity theory of E4, the use of a random plane crash and our, some what controversial reaction to this is very abnormal. To add to this after we are finished reacting to the plane crash the E4 logo is sitting next to us on the bench, which is incredibly surreal and overall quite funny. Also we decided to cast two teenage actors (who fit the specific age range of the target audience) which made the ident relatable for the majority of the people who watch E4, and as a result, funnier.

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  1. NYA - for M- Justify how it links with corporate identity and audience.