Friday, 13 June 2014

Single-Shot Camera Analysis Ben Davis

The Midnight Beast in general use single camera techniques in all of their videos, they use their videos to portray their lyrics in a comedic way. They are a popular boy band that specializes in comedy music that is used for entertainment for those who enjoy parodies and funny lyrics. The Midnight Beast also have their own television channel which is a comedy and it incorporates their music videos while telling a story.

The Midnight Beast - Die Young (Ke$ha Parody)
The Midnight Beast - Wands

This is The Flight Of The Concords, they had a popular sit-com television show from New Zealand that uses only single camera techniques to tell complex narratives. The use of single camera techniques is to make it feel as though it is from the viewers point of view, which offers a much more immersive approach to the show. When the two lead roles are walking around the camera often follows close behind or looks at them from in front of them. The Flight of The Concords also use music videos in their sit-com show, in these videos they camera techniques are predominantly single-shot. Meaning everything flows from set to another. It means there are lots of pans, zooms and movements around the setting of their music video.

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