Friday, 20 June 2014

30. Annotated Drafts

 The beginning of the ident is me and Laurence admiring the weather. Here it begins with a fade, so the shot is a little bit darker, but after a few seconds it becomes normal brightness.
 This is where Ben notices the plane crash in the sky. We decided that we wanted to make the realization of the plane crash really cheesy and over the top to add to the humor of the scene.
The plane crash was the most difficult bit of the ident. We had to find a good enough animation of the plane crash, and find out a way of filming it. In the end we decided to use a camera, set it up with a tripod so it was steady and film it so you couldn't see the edge of the screen. The end result is very nice and looks like it fits with the scene.
There is then a close up of Ben's face. We decided to make it that both Ben and Laurence find it hilarious that a plane has crashed. Which is very contraversial. The target audience being late teens to young adults means that they would find this funny.
This is the same as the previous point, just a close up of Laurence instead of Ben.
Here there is a wider shot where Ben and Laurence look to their friend, the E4 logo and smile. To do this we put the logo in photoshop, made sure the background was transparent and then drag and dropped the logo into the Final Cut software, then repositioning it to fit our needs.
The final shot is of Ben and Laurence shrugging to the audience. This makes the ident seem very random and funny.

I used the software Final Cut Pro to edit the video, consisting mainly of cuts and fades. We used a Canon Legria Camera, and uploaded it using the Log and Transfer function. The editing process was fairly easy, considering the product only had to be around 15 seconds long, however we still had to make sure that it was done to professional standards. After editing the entire thing together we discovered a major continuity error, of one of the actors swapping sides on the bench, so we decided to re film this small section to consolidate the professional nature of the Ident.

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