Tuesday, 10 June 2014

7. Analysis of Channel Logos

Corporate Identity Theory:

E4: The Corporate Identity Theory for this channel is to appeal towards the ages of 16 - 34 year olds, of both genders. They use the colour purple and white because they are both multi gender and age, therefore linking in with their target audience. Their Corporate Identity Theory also states that they have to make sure that they give off a humorous theme within their brand, so their logo is of a more sans serif font, to reflect a more childlike nature.

Discovery Shed: The Corporate Identity Theory for Discovery is to appeal towards the ages of 34 - 60 year old men, normally of the manual labour work line. This is shown through the logo with the rustic theme, to make it look like a piece of metal, which both appeals to the audience and gives an idea of what sort of things are shown on the channel. The logo looks like a sign that you would see on a building site, so this again reinforces the genre of channel and makes the target audience want to watch it more.

BBC ONE: BBC One has to be able to appeal to everyone of all ages and genders. The colour red used as the main aspect for their logo shows how they are trying to appeal to their entire target audience as it is generally a multi gender and age colour. The colour can also be recognised easily by almost anyone. They use a big O to reinforce their ethos of unity within the world, and also stands for the 'one' in the channel name.

Comedy Central: The Corporate Identity Theory of Comedy Central states that its target audience is from the ages of 18 - 49, highly concentrating on adults and men. The channel is obviously a comedy genre, and that is stated within the logo itself, however there are no comical aspects linked with their logo so you could argue that it doesn't in fact fit the corporate  identity theory.

CBEEBIES: CBEEBIES is aimed at young children, aged 1 - 8. Although it has a small range of target audience they still have to stick to a theme to make sure it is most effective. The corporate identity theory of the channel is always have a very sans serif font, such as their currently used bubble writing. Also the colour is mainly yellow, this is due to the fact that it stands out much more to the eye, therefore small children will catch its attention without meaning to much more frequently.

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