Thursday, 19 June 2014

24. Expansion of Concept to Suite

Our concept is very flexible, the idea being able to be morphed and changed in several ways. There are numerous aspects of the ident that we can adjust to make sure there are several different types of ident. These include the location it is set, same two people sitting on the same bench, but with a different background every time. E.G:  A beach, cinema, shopping centre. Anything incredibly random, this will make the ident consistently funny and original. Also, the footage that is being seen by the two characters can change depending on the location, so instead of crashing planes, it can be something different, but still as catastrophic. This will keep the underlying theme of complete random behaviour and its not coming away from the corporate identity theory too much. Catastrophic events that could be used could be things like a car crash, (although this might be too controversial) an explosion of some sort ect.
Overall the original concept can be expanded quite a lot in terms of setting and actual event that happens, however the ident will always have the same sort of ending with the two characters looking at the E4 logo and looking to the camera and shrugging. This will ensure a consistent theme and it will be really effective.

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