Monday, 9 June 2014

6. ITV & E4 Rebrand

ITV Rebrand.

ITV was rebranded on the 14th of January 2013. The team of ITV decided to rebrand their channel because they thought it would help cement the relationship between the viewers and their shows and the ITV brand that produces and broadcasts those shows. They felt that before the rebrand there was not flexible enough to work with when making Idents, and was somewhat out dated compared to some other television companies logos. Another reason they decided to rebrand was because they often found it difficult to position their logo correctly, therefore not attracting as much attention as they needed.

The difference between the old and new logo's are extremely vast, the colour scheme has changed to become more flexible with different themed idents. For example, the show, "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here" has its own themed ident which is set in a jungle type area, so the colours of each letter are green, brown, black and peach. This reflects the jungle theme of the ident. Before the rebrand the logo would have stayed the same colour throughout the ident, making it less aesthetically pleasing.

They wanted to appeal to a wider variety of people so they made their logo appear more cross gender and so it appealed to all ages. The reason they were so successful in stretching their target audience was due to the colour scheme used. Due to the fact that the colours used would vary depending on the ident it appealed to more people because everyone has different colour tastes.

It has been said by many critics that the new and improved ITV rebrand will bring more personality to the channel than the previous logos from years ago. This new scheme feels very much in line with the channel that brings us programmes like TOWIE, Take Me Out, and Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway, so overall it fits with a lot of their signature shows that they broadcast. However, it is said that there is still a bit of an issue of distinguishing between the different ITV channels and creating easily understood sub-brands for them.

In terms of corporate identity theory ITV's has to cater for everyone. This is due to the fact that it is a public service broadcaster, much like the BBC. The rebrand has made sure that they follow the corporate identity theory, this is shown in their indents that change colour scheme to match the programme that is being broadcasted. Also the colour scheme changes throughout the day, ranging from childish colours like pink, blue and yellow, to more mature ones like black and silver.

E4 Rebrand

E4 was rebranded on the 30th of October 2013, this was its first major change in six years. The main change of the channel being the very new and original branding Eefer, a robot embodiment of the channel's familiar logo. The logo adds to the already quirky and comedic nature of E4 and fits their style guide perfectly, the colour scheme fitting the popular and well recognised purple and white, and the logo itself staying the same.

Despite the rebrand the idents still had their random and hilarious themes, most of them making little to no sense at all. This once again stuck to their style guide and corporate identity theory. The rebrand has made it easier for them to have more flexibility in the kinds of idents they do, interacting with the viewers and members of the public much more. They have made numerous idents that symbolise the unusual behaviour of British people, and they have hoped that there will be more audience input into the ident creation. By doing this they have increased their differences in audience members, now it will appeal more to the British and those who enjoy a comical side of television.

Critics ( have stated that the new E4 look has opened up various different opportunities to create new idents and is a lot more interactive than the previous one. The character Eefer has become a well respected and loved part of E4 and he really reinforces the persona of the E4 channel.

The rebrand as a whole did not come away from the Corporate Identity theory of E4, in-fact  it drifted closer to it. This is because they added more humour to the channels meaning and ethos, and kept the same colour scheme. This meant that the audience range has not changed, sticking with what E4 want.

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