Friday, 13 June 2014



BEN & LAURENCE - Ben and I play ourselves in our zombie music video, These parts were easy to cast because we're the only two people in our group and as we both study drama, we were both confident to be in the vast majority of shots used in the final production. As best friends in real life Ben and I suited the roles well as we already had formed chemistry that would make the friendship in the video realistic. We also enjoyed taking an acting role as well as taking leadership in the production, camera work and editing side.

SCHOOL BULLY/ZOMBIE - Brodie Grant plays the school bully turned zombie character in our music video, despite not being in our media classes, Brodie was free a lot of time that worked with our production schedule. Brodie suited the role well as he managed to master 'The zombie run' which he evolved into a running stumble. He also brought a confused personality into the zombie that completely changed from his earlier persona of a bully. We only required an actor with the ability to portray the character journey of a regular human turned stereotypical mild zombie.

NEWSREADER - The casting for the news reader was surprisingly simple. From the early draft of our storyboard we already wanted a female so that the video wouldn't have a predominantly male cast. When ready and prepared to film the News scene all we had to do was ask a female friend if they would be kind enough to spare ten minutes of their day to film. We chose Brianna Barwell based on the fact that she was willing to participate, She had dressed smartly on that particular day and the fact she was female suited our storyboard.

BULLY'S FRIEND - Sasha Hedington played the Bully's friend in the few shots during the beginning stand off. The only requirement needed for this role was that the height of the actor roughly matched Brodie's so that their faces would be level in the mid shot that was used.

DEAD GIRL - This was the easiest part to cast as all the actress had to do was lay on the floor whilst Brodie pretended to be eating her. Chelsey Vincent played this part.

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